Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A little lady is coming this way!!

YEAH you all know how much I just love for Deina we are having a ladybug shower! Details coming soon! The talented Jana from @ did it again!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Did you hear the pitter patter of the Baby Elephants? That was because they were at Aydin's Baby Shower

This was the sweetest Baby Shower yet! We went with a blue and brown color scheme and then incorporated elephants and candy. Easter came at a perfect time! I bought blue eggs that came filled with jelly beans. I got great deals with all the candy used. I also got very lucky with the blue Hershey kisses. They are actually coconut flavor!

I first placed candy vases on the actual centerpieces. There actually boxes for Aydin's room. Mommy can put toys, books, or clothes into them.

Notice how the elephants are holding pacifiers?!
This centerpiece was for the mommy. I got so lucky with this elephant trash bin!
For the candy buffet I put a label on Chinese containers

At each place setting was a gift as a favor!

I wrapped different size boxes to give different height at the candy buffet

Is it Halloween already? NO it's just Vjollaca's 7th Birthday

This party was a lot of fun and very cool to do.. When I meet with Vjollaca she said " I love skulls!" So I asked her, "How about pink ones?" I remember how Jennifer from HWTM for Halloween had done pink skulls. I went to Oriental Trading and saw how they have fabulous pink/pirate theme. I hung up my pink lanterns from Sienna's ladybug party. I painted that skull centerpiece. I used the napkins as place mates and boxes as favors and place cards. Vjollaca was surprised and very pleased. Please someone use this for Halloween!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baptizing an Angel

For Sienna's Baptism we decided to go with an Angel theme.. It was simple but very elegant. I used a lot of white feathers throughout the party. The best party was Sienna's dress. Its actually my wedding dress! Sienna looked precious!

For table seating I googled Angel quotes, and put guests name on them. They also received an angel photo holder.
We had taken Sienna to get her photo's done and we put Angel wings on them.


Another favor which was a huge hit! Were chocolate bars that I personalized through We put HERESHEIS and on back I was able to put an angel, manufactured by Mommy and Daddy, and Amounts Servings. I also laid out mini rosary beads.
At the tables I had small vases with White Roses and I put feathers into them..Very simple but elegant.

Michael from Roberto's Restaurant gave Sienna the cake as a gift. Didn't he do an incredible job?!

Ladybug Party

For Sienna's First Birthday, what other theme but Ladybug was I going to do! I had so much fun planning and decorating! I went with different shades of pinks and added a bit of red and of course black!
The invite was made by Jana @ We went with this picture of Sienna because of how incredible her eyes look.
I made her sign using scrapbook paper and glued it to the back of a shelf!

Then thanks to Amy over at Stem Parties I used Chinese lanterns throughout for decorations.

Sienna recently became a baby model for Tannen's Talent located White Plains, NY.
For the kids they made there own ladybugs using apples for the body. The spots I used Junior Mints and frosting for them to stick, and licorice twizzlers for there antennas! Very yummy. The lovely Benay made directions cards for this as well as Sienna's Coloring Book.

At one table I had different ladybug books for parents to sit and read to there child. I also had some fun Ladybug Facts.

The cake and Sienna's cupcake was incredible and delicious. I ordered it from Riviera Bake House Ardsley, NY

I made a Candy Buffet using Pink and Red Candy. I had Jana make a label and I used Chinese containers. This was a big hit!

I found this incredible dress and it couldn't have been more perfect! It was pink with black polkadots and on the front it had a ladybug with rhinestones for spots.
This Party rocked and now ladybug is sleeping.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are you a good witch or a bad one?

Students put on a production of The Wizard of Oz. This year I've been asked to decorate the reception following the schools play. Follow the yellow brick road! I made this by cutting a yellow tablecloth in half and then make lines using a black marker.

We put different colored cups, napkins, tablecloths, and plates to represent the rainbow. I also used rainbow colored dusters for decoration. Each student had a label with their name on a rainbow lollipop.

To make "Glenda" the good witch I bought this fairy skirt from the dollar store. I think its actually for a puppy! Then I wrapped it around a small vase. Filled it with stones to add shimmer and added mini wands from Party City.

To make Wicked Witch I first ask Sienna for her puff snacks from Gerber. Then take the label off. I noticed how it has a curve to it so a body came to mind.

Roll up stockings to top and glue on hat and pen. I ordered these pens from Oriental Trading. You can also personalize them for free! I wrote "The Wizard of Oz."

Friday, April 17, 2009

I was mentioned!! Amy at Stem Parties gave me such an honor

If you've been around Stem very long you know how I feel about using Chinese lanterns for party decor. If you are new here, then this is all you need to know - I.Love.Them. Love.

Stem reader, Jessica, was inspired to use lanterns for a cute Ladybug theme 1st birthday party for her daughter, Sienna. Isn't the birthday sign she made cute?

You may be asking yourself what the limes and sunflowers have to do with ladybugs. The answer is nothing. Nada. Zip. Jessica just so happened to throw this very summery and fresh looking party as well so I thought I'd let you peek at that one, too. I love using fruit for decor It's easy and eco-friendly!

Thanks again for sharing, Jess!

A Summer Birthday Nothing Sour About This

This outdoor event was a 60th birthday party . We went with simple designs using lime green and yellow sunflowers. Since it was outside I went with lots of citranella candles and got lucky because there yellow. Then I used mini limes and so easy because you buy them in a bag. With 2 bags I filled up most of the vases. Most of the vases were purchased in IKEA.