Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ladybug Party

For Sienna's First Birthday, what other theme but Ladybug was I going to do! I had so much fun planning and decorating! I went with different shades of pinks and added a bit of red and of course black!
The invite was made by Jana @ We went with this picture of Sienna because of how incredible her eyes look.
I made her sign using scrapbook paper and glued it to the back of a shelf!

Then thanks to Amy over at Stem Parties I used Chinese lanterns throughout for decorations.

Sienna recently became a baby model for Tannen's Talent located White Plains, NY.
For the kids they made there own ladybugs using apples for the body. The spots I used Junior Mints and frosting for them to stick, and licorice twizzlers for there antennas! Very yummy. The lovely Benay made directions cards for this as well as Sienna's Coloring Book.

At one table I had different ladybug books for parents to sit and read to there child. I also had some fun Ladybug Facts.

The cake and Sienna's cupcake was incredible and delicious. I ordered it from Riviera Bake House Ardsley, NY

I made a Candy Buffet using Pink and Red Candy. I had Jana make a label and I used Chinese containers. This was a big hit!

I found this incredible dress and it couldn't have been more perfect! It was pink with black polkadots and on the front it had a ladybug with rhinestones for spots.
This Party rocked and now ladybug is sleeping.

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